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About Cryptocodex

Cryptocodex has been developing the most advanced, yet simple to implement, counterfeit detection system

Counter-Fight is a unique encryption system, having an immunity level of military systems, implemented for the industrial and consumers’ environment

Counter-Fight is an ideal solution for most industries: Consumer products, Foods,  Beverages, Medicines, Tobacco products, Alcoholic drinks…

Certificates (with and without a photo), ID Cards, Driving Licenses, Vehicle Licenses , Emergency Medical Cards…

Counter-Fight technology enables adding a ‘DNA’ marking to each product,  meaningful only to its manufacturer and meaningless to any other entity

Counter-Fight main goals are product authentication, counterfeit detection, smuggling detection and sophisticated Track&Trace

Couter-Fight Protection categories

Consumer Products

  • Foods & Beverages
  • Medicines
  • Tobacco Products
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Cosmetics
  • Fashion Products
  • Children Toys


  • Vehicle License
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Land Ownership docs
  • Birth Certificates
  • Diamonds
  • International Payments


  • Identification Cards
  • Driving Licenses
  • Work/Residence Permits
  • Emergency Medical Cards

Our main products

Tobacco & Alcohol

Prevent smuggling and fake products

Vehicle License

Ensure vehicles tax and safety

Tourist Card

Control incoming tourism


Sensitive food marking


Authenticate your diamond certificate

Voting Card

Protect elections and prevent frauds


Protect public health


Secure your online site payments & privacy

Emergency Medical Card

Medical insurance & Soldier's tags

Counter-Fight can


Your brand against couterfiet attempts



Your customers personal details



The authenticity of your products


Expiration date manipulation

Grey and Parallel Market

Stolen products

Track & Trace

Track your products

in the distribution chain

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Your product location

Technological Benefits

  • The authentication server contains no database, all required data is provided by the incoming service request, embedded (encrypted on product package)
  • Should the product ever be subject to any criminal activity (Stolen truck, Warehouse burglary) the stolen goods will be sent to a 'black list' and any attempt to sell the stolen goods will be immediately detected.
  • 'Grey market' attempts, breaching manufacturers' policy, will be easily detected by the manufacturer, thus leading the worldwide distributors to refrain from being involved in such activities.
  • Vendors' control: By controlling the batches of codes sent to its sub-contractors, the brand owner controls 'order overruns' (over quota production of the brand products) which are being sold trough the back door.
  • Expiration date - so important to the consumer, the authorities and manufacturer alike – is an essential data to reside in an encrypted 2D-Barcode. Customers, encouraged to authenticate the product they intend to consume, will get a free benefit: The genuine expiration date of the product they intend to consume.
  • Exercising just a small effort, a pharmaceutical manufacturer can gain access to extremely valuable data, collected directly from its customers, as to how efficient is the medicine they manufacture and which side effects did the customer experience. No limit to valuable data which can be gained - for free!
  • ePedigree ready: According to the ePedigree act (relevant in the near future in the U.S for medicines tracing), the manufacturer is responsible for tracking each medicine package to its last station: the pharmacy.
  • Track&Trace was never so easy and accurate. Asset tracking is also feasible with Counter-Fight, overcoming the "big data barrier".
  • The complicated Recall process of the past, becomes an easy task.

Understanding Counter-Fight

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